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Vinyl Windows and More

Weather Tamer has been providing exceptional products to Middle and East Tennessee, Northern Georgia, and Alabama for more than 50 years. We take pride in the work that we do and guarantee to get it done right the first time. With numerous locations in several major cities, such as Chattanooga, Knoxville, and Nashville, you’re bound to be close to one of our great locations that can provide you with high-quality vinyl replacement windows and other products that are energy-efficient, durable, reliable, and maintenance-free.


Vinyl replacement windows are a great choice for your home if your windows are becoming outdated or get broken. Energy-efficient vinyl windows help provide thermal insulation to keep your home’s temperature regulated during the summer and the winter, ensuring lower utility costs. The high-quality material makes it easier for your home’s temperature to stay regulated, meaning your heating and cooling system doesn’t have to work as hard to do its job. Plus, our high-quality, scratch-resistant windows are maintenance-free and we offer them in many colors and styles.


As part of our commitment to home protection, we offer insulated vinyl siding that is both attractive and energy-efficient. We sell vinyl siding in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles to ensure you find a product that fits your home’s aesthetic. At less than half the average cost of wood or stone siding, top-quality vinyl siding is one of the most affordable ways to add style, warmth and a dramatic new appearance to your home. Vinyl siding is also very durable and maintenance-free. It resists pests like termites, as well as rot, and you won’t have to repaint it or worry about repairs.


Another way to ensure your home is protected from the elements is to invest in a good roof and have professionals like our team at Weather Tamer install it for you. We offer both metal and shingle roofing materials and installation that will last for years to help your home stay protected and appealing. With a range of colors and textures available, you’ll find an option you’ll love without breaking the bank. Plus, you’ll save money on your energy bills by having a newer, more secure, better-sealed roof.


If you want to enhance your outdoor living space, decks are a fantastic way to do so. We offer superior materials and expert installation and construction of brand-new decks. Your deck will stay beautiful for years to come and resist the elements.

Patio Enclosures

Sunrooms, conservatories, screened-in porches, and patios are great ways to enjoy the outdoors without having to endure nuisances like bugs and scorching sunshine on hot days. We can construct a new conservatory or sunroom that you’ll be able to customize and enjoy for as long as your house is standing. We also offer and install patio covers, screened-in rooms, and porches to enhance your enjoyment of the outdoors.

For all of your home improvement needs, from vinyl replacement windows to gutter protection, choose the team at Weather Tamer to decrease your energy costs, lower your carbon footprint, enhance the appearance of your home, and provide protection from the elements. We’re experts in home improvement and have been providing these services for more than 50 years in Middle and East Tennessee as well as Northern Georgia and Alabama.

Weather Tamer Is Your Go-To Place for Vinyl Replacement Windows and More